Most frequent questions and answers

We are currently only taking new bookings for dog walking in the following areas: S35, S5, S61, S6.

If you’re interested in our boarding services we cover a larger area so please enquire.

All of our services cost as stated. However, distances over 3 miles from our base on Tunwell Greave, Eccelsfield will be charge at 50p per mile.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday and bank holidays and sunday’s will have an additional charge of £6 for Dog walking, +12 for boarding & day care.

Yes, All pet dogs must wear a collar with the owner’s name and address on it when in a public place. The owner’s details can be inscribed on the collar itself or on a tag attached to the collar. 

Even though your dog is microchipped, they still need to wear a collar or tag. 

It’s up to you whether or not you put your telephone number on the collar or tag as well, but we recommend you add your mobile number so you can be contacted at any time in case your dog goes missing.

Yes, the time advertised is only for the time your dog spends in the park. The time it takes to get to and from the park is not included in the specified time.

All dogs must be microchipped, and the owner’s details must be registered.

The law applies to dogs and puppies over the age of eight weeks. Exemptions are available if a vet believes there is a valid health reason not to microchip a dog. The vet must issue the owner with a certificate of exemption in this instance.

Owners are required to keep their pets’ details up to date, for example if they move house. If you re-home your dog to someone else, you must give the new owner the correct microchip registration paperwork so that they can contact the database and register as the dog’s new owner.

We will examine your pet to see how serious the injury is. After that, we’ll have a conversation with you and work out the most suitable way to assist your pet. If we become extremely concerned, we will take your pet to the veterinarian. In case we are unable to reach you, we will follow the guidelines you provided us with during our initial meeting.

It’s important to have pet insurance, and we really suggest it. This will give you peace of mind, and any medical treatment or injuries covered by the policy will be taken care of.

Absolutely, we welcome anyone who would like to go for a trial walk their walker.

All our dog walkers have been trained to give first aid, been checked for any criminal history and have insurance. You can see all of these documents when you first meet the walker.

We’ll do our best to do what you’ve asked, but there may be times when we’re unable to due to our location or availability. During our initial meeting, we can talk about your requirements, and we’ll keep you updated on when we’ll take or pick up your pet and what happened during their walk or visit.

We take every precaution to ensure you keys and personal data is protected. No identifiable information is  held on the keys.  Key will never be left in a safe place around the home (ie plant pots, under bins etc). If you need to collect keys or return them for any reason this will be done in person. Any additional information such as alarm codes or other access information will also be securely stored and will never been held with the keys. Keys not in use will be kept in a lock box.

 We ensure follow GDPR legislation and no information is passed onto any 3rd party organisation.

Yes, All dogs should be fully vaccinated and up to date with their shots. Unvaccinated dogs cannot be mixed into the usual walking group and should never be taken to a dog park, or allowed to mix with other dogs. Vacinations include;

  • Parvovirus
  • Distemper
  • Leptospirosis
  • Infectious hepatitis
We also require all dogs have had Kennel Cough.

We use a large SUV vehicle which is climate controlled so pets are always comfortable. All pets being transported will be safely secured. 

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