Wharncliffe Woods - The Big one


5 Hours +

9.52 Miles

370 Metres


The Old Red Lion - Old Red Lion, 210 Main St, Grenoside, Sheffield S35 8PR

Abbeymoor Veterinary centre - 110-116 Halifax Rd, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield S6 1LH, 0114 233 4673


Paths vary in difficulty and terrain, such as hilly muddy and rocky paths that demand caution to flatter smooth gravel paths.


Set back away from any roads, some tracks are used by mountain bikers and are bridelways, encounters with horses likely.

Other Considerations

No toilets, No cafe,

For those seeking adventure

Are you seeking a memorable adventure that will take your breath away? Well, look no further as we invite you to join us and immerse yourself in the beauty for Wharncliffe woods.

These woods provide the perfect hiking location that promises to be nothing short of superb, and an experience that both you and your furry best friend will surely cherish.

 Zigzagging through the lush and thriving woodland, you will be amazed as you overlook the picturesque Deepcar and the start of the incomparable Peak District. This is the ultimate hiking experience that speaks to those with an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

Starting point  – Greno woods car park (S35 8RS)

Free Parking but does usually full later on in the day


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If your a garmin user and have a watch that is compatible you can download the route directly from gaming.connect to your watch.

Click here to follow it on a Garmin device.

Heading off from the car park, follow the main road that bends to the right (top left)

As you follow it down you’ll come to a gate, continue through

Continue your way along until you come to a fork in the path.

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As you wind and weave down the track you’ll come to a fork, keep right.

.25 mile further the path will take an almost 90degree bend to the right, don’t follow it. 

Instead straight ahead you’ll see the a small narrow path cut through that cuts through the woods, this will zigzag thought the green and lush woodland

20230806 082750 scaled

Bringing you back out onto another wide man made path,

Turning Right

Shortly followed by another forking the path, once again following the bend round to the right.  

20230806 083025 scaled

Starting to climb uphill slightly, 

Once you reach the brow of the hill it’ll then drop back down. 

20230806 083511 scaled

Not getting carried away, keep your eyes pealed for a right turn that veers off this path into the woodland.

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20230806 084630 scaled
20230806 084828 scaled

The path will merge with the other path each time creating a larger track. 

Eventually you’ll come to a T, pointed out by the large rock straight ahead.

Turn Left

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20230806 091032 scaled

Up until now you have gradually been climbing uphill, but it would have all been worth it when you reach the ridge that overlooks deepcar and the east side of the peak district. 

Continue along keeping the ridge on your left side

Just before the gate they’ll be an option to follow it to the right or turn left, take this left, passing through the gate

After narrating the rocky and down hill terrain you’ll arrive at another gate. Once again pass through it and continue downhill.  


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20230806 092100 scaled
20230806 092358 scaled

Eventually bringing you out to a large pond where many paths converge. 

Pass the pond on the left side, followed shortly by a 90 degree left turn. 

Continue downhilll until it merger’s with another larger path. Make the almost 280 degree left turn, following plank gate back towards the car

from here the car park is roughly another 5 miles but the hard work is done. This even firmer track will take you back to the car. 

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20230806 102436 scaled

Shortly after mile 8, 3 paths will march. turn right off plank gate joining another main path.

Following it along and to the right, This week now return back to the car park. 

Well done, challenging but very rewarding hike, hope you got as much from it as me and echo. 

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