Thors Cave


1 Hour

1.7 Miles

113 Metres


The Royal Oak, Wetton DE6 2AF

Blenheim Veterinary Centre - Blenheim Rd, Airfield Industrial Estate, Ashbourne DE6 1HA, 0133542111


Boots are definitely needed for this one, you'll cross grassy, muddy and rocky paths. Be careful as it can become very slippery when wet


Start and ends on roads with no sidewalk however they are quite farming lanes with minimal traffic. Remember to always carry water.


Horses and cows could be encountered along this walk. When I walked it, the last field had cattle within it. If you're not comfortable with this, travel back the same way from Thors Cave.

Impressive short walk.

Thors cave is truly a mesmerizing sight, one that captures the imagination with its fascinating natural formations that are marvels of the earth’s geological processes. 

It’s a place that has an ancient aura, with a rich history that dates back to the Early Medieval period. The rock formations that comprise the cave are composed of soluble limestone, sculpted and crafted over countless years. The name of the cave itself evokes a sense of wonder, as it’s believed to have originated from the Welsh term for high rock or tower. 

Regardless of who you are or what interests you, this incredible natural wonder is a must-see attraction that will surely delight you.

Starting point  – Wetton, Ashbourne

Free parking with toilet block, It’s recommended to arrive early as it can become full.


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If your a garmin user and have a watch that is compatible you can download the route directly from garming.connect to your watch.

Click here to follow it on a Garmin device.

From the car park you want to continue up the road away from wetton.

Take the first right onto well end road.

A short walk ahead and you’ll reach leek road. 

Turn left and directly ahead you’ll see a path to the left of the farm land.

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Walking along the flat gravel path with the cattle farm on your right. You’ll be returning thought the field with cattle, if you would rather avoid it, return the same way from Thors cave. 

Passing through 2 gates, make your way across the undulating hills towards Thors Cave. 

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Passing though the 3rd gate, Turning right will take you to Thors Cave. However I strongly recommend turning left, making your way up to a stunning view point that over looks manifold valley. 

Soak in the sights and when ready head back down. 

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Following the steps round from the look out point it’ll bring you to the entrance of Thors Cave.

Enjoy the views down to the valley or go inside to explore, or do both!

From here make you way down the numerous steps into manifold valley.  

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Working your way down the steps and along the rocky and rooty path you’ll come to a T, Turn right.

This path starts of relatively path but progressively gets steeper. 

Pass through the gate over the grassy field towards the stile.. into the field has a large gate at the end. Just before it to the left is the stile 

Turn right and make the short walk back to the car. You might even make a friend along the way!

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