Glen Howe Park


1 Hour

2 Miles

119 Metres


The Wharncliffe Arms - 72 Main Rd, Wharncliffe Side, Sheffield S35 0DN

Abbey Veterinary Group -340 Manchester Rd, Deepcar, Sheffield S36 2RH, 0114 288 4995


The woodland hilly terrain features narrow paths with rugged roots and rocks under-foot


Set back from any roads, it does neighbour cattle farms and stables and due to the hilly terrain can edge near some high drops.

Other considerations

No toilets, No cafe, Children's playground opposite car park.

Explore a serene woodland full of mystique and beauty.

Tucked away behind wharncliffe side lies an enchanting, hidden woodland. Visitors escape from outside chaos and immerse themselves in nature’s tranquility with flowing streams and green ferns.

With natural beauty of the woodland, streams and mystical ambiance. Don’t miss this destination if you’re seeking peace, inspiration, or a sense of true enchantment.

Starting point  – Wharncliffe Side, Sheffield S35 0EP

Free parking

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If your a garmin user and have a watch that is compatible you can download the route directly from garming.connect to your watch.

Click here to follow it on a Garmin device.

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turning off onto Green  Lane from A6102. you’ll see a sign “Glen Howe Park” at the top directing you to the right. 

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Ahead you’ll see a single lane road, at the bottom on the right is the car park.

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Take the Path at the end of the parking area , bringing you further into the woodland. 

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Immediately passing a bridge on your right, make your way along the road for a short time, arriving at another small bridge, cross here. 

Meander through the woodland until you reach a fork in the path with step to the right. 

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20230720 131832 scaled



Taking you up in to canopy you have a great view of the valley below. 

Back down we go, follow the fence at it zigzags back down to where the stream and 18th century bridge is. 


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Do not cross over the bridge but instead take the steps to your right. 

keep your eyes peeled for a left turn, its hidden behind the conifer. Make note of the 5 or so steps that are just passed it taking you into a neighbouring field. 

This path become quite high and narrow, with areas of knee high nettles and slippery roots and rocks, carefully making your way round the edge of the woodland you’ll pass some waterfalls and streams edging your back back the other side.

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The path will eventually open up, undulating through the hillside. 

Next arriving at the T, turn left toward the bench.

Here the path splits left take you a quicker way back to the carpark, were going to follow it round the the right

Taking you across a few small wooden bridges you will come to a green grassy field on your right, enter the field and edge round to the left, past the pond, exiting it on the left, just before the stile then enters the neighbouring field.

Making your way back to the car follow this path, it’ll bring you back onto the road,  

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20230720 134954 scaled
20230720 135114 scaled
20230720 135206 scaled

Reaching another fork, take the left, follow it round bringing you back out past the bridge and onto the quite lane

Walk the short distance back to the car.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

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