The Delf


30 Minutes +

1 Miles

49 Metres

2 - Most dog should be able to cope with them

The Old Red Lion - Old Red Lion, 210 Main St, Grenoside, Sheffield S35 8PR

Abbey Veterinary Group - 340 Manchester Rd, Deepcar, Sheffield S36 2RH - 0114 288 4994


Fields and well marked paths that weave through the woodland. Does have two stiles but these can be avoided


peaceful area, route doesn't cross any roads and is set back from any roads,


If Birdwatching is your thing you'll be in heaven here. you'll also find hedgehogs, foxes in this area

Other considerations

Some tree cover available but mostly open, no fresh water available. Not wheel chair accessible. Has picnic tables

Stunning small route

In the charming village of Green Moor, near the picturesque Peak District, lies a delightful short walk that promises to be a treat for all your senses! 

As you start with the walk, be sure to keep your eyes open for the stunning views of the surrounding scenery. You’ll also have the chance to marvel at a birdwatcher’s hut, complete with a comprehensive list of the feathered friends you might spot on your journey.

Spend a lovely summer’s day with your loved ones in this peaceful green space. Pack a picnic and relax in the midst of all this natural beauty. 

Starting point  – green Moor Road  (S35 7DQ) see on Google

There’s ample free parking.

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If your a garmin user and have a watch that is compatible you can download the route directly from gaming.connect to your watch.

Click here to follow it on a Garmin device.

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Starting off on greenmoor road you’ll notice the telephone box , which has been turned into a book swap and community information box. This is the start of the walk. 

As you walk up the private road (please no parking on here) they’ll be a path that breaks off and makes its way left past the sign. 


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As you walk upwards you’ll want to keep the wall and fields on your left.

Again keep left at the next fork, 

The right hand path is the path you’ll be returning on.



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As you make you way along, hidden in the woodland on the left side you’ll come across a bird watchers hut. you’ll find a list of birds that can be seen in the area plus, its worth staying here for a few minutes in silence to see if any of the beautiful wildlife crosses your path. 

Joining back on the same path. Carry on in the same direction you were just walking, you’ll come to an information sign telling you more about the wildlife in the area, again you want to keep left.  

Continue round until you come to a left turn. It’s slightly less visible than the track your on so could be easily missed. 

Theres is a couple of stiles if you follow this path. Continuing on will avoid these, that being said echo has no trouble navigating them.

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As you can see the view that you are rewarded with a pretty stunning.

Its worth making your way towards the bench even just to have a few minutes taking in that view before making your way back to the original path.

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If you decide to continue on . Go down the steps and leads you into the colourful wildflower meadow.

Making your way though here you be greeted by an array of colourful flowers, bugs, bees and butterfly’s going about their business.

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The first stile is at the end of the wildflower meadow, continue straight on and you’ll be presented with some amazing view of deepcar. You can either choose you circle the edge of the path keeping the wall on you left or cut back across the field diagonally to meet the second stile, little bit more tricky this one. 

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20230515 153738

Make you way down the steps after the stile turn right at the bottom.

It will then join another path, turn to the right. 


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This will now lead to you this well looked after path that meanders thorough the woodland. 

This then links to a large playing field, which makes this a great place to bring with the whole family,  make use of the goal and picnic tables that are provided. 

When you’re ready to make your way home to head across the field and the path opposite will lead you back to your car. 

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