Spring Wood Circular


45 Minutes

1.6 Miles

67 Metres


Acorn - 516 Burncross Rd, Burncross, Sheffield S35 1SL

Beach house Veterinary Clinic - 106 Greengate Ln, High Green, Sheffield S35 3GT, 0114 284455


Undulating dirt paths that can become muddy and boggy after heavy rain, with some stream crossings.


Be mindful of the A61, during the start of this walk as you're in close proximity until you reach the stream. Can become slippy and unstable underfoot

Other considerations

No toilets, no cafe, not enclosed.

Escape from stress and reconnect with nature.

Located in the outskirts of Chapeltown, it serves as a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of town, away from the stress and noise that often accompany urban living. 

Yet, what makes this walk even more stunning are the cascading waterfalls and winding streams that make the tranquil environment perfect for relaxation and reflection. 

If you’re looking for a calming activity to add to you and your pups routine or just a beautiful backdrop to clear your mind, I highly recommend taking a stroll in this  location.

Starting point  –  Hallwood Road, (B6546) 

Free parking on neighbouring roads

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If your a garmin user and have a watch that is compatible you can download the route directly from garming.connect to your watch.

Click here to follow it on a Garmin device.

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It starts here, pass the sign and go through the stile. 

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The path will then fork. follow it to the left and continue up through the woodland. 

20230803 121240 scaled

Eventually opening up into 4-way crossroads. 

20230803 121313 scaled

Opposite you’ll se a narrower path sign posted “Springwood Lane.

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Weaving down the path toward the stream, crossing the small wooden bridge.

Once you meet the stream, follow it downstream. you may need to do a hop, skip and a jump to get over it, depending on how much rain fall there’s been recently. 

You should now be walking parallel to it, with the stream on your right.


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Last crossing of the stream, make use of the boulders and rocks in the water to get across while being careful as they can be slippy. 

20230803 123823 scaled

Now with the stream on your left follow it along until you reach a right  turn that banks up away from the stream. you do not want to cross over the wooden bridge.

20230803 124803 scaled

This path now edges the woods. stay on here until you a T. Turn left. You’re now back on the path you start on, another 100 metres or so and your back at the start.   

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