Peak District Dog Friendly Trails

The Peak District can be a fantastic travel option for you and your furry friends since it encompasses a vast 555sq mile stretch, extending into not one, not two, but five admirable counties.

Of course, the park also boasts an assortment of attractive features, such as breathtaking limestone valleys such as Dovedale and Lathkill Dale in the south. And if that doesn’t catch your attention, the gritstone ridges and moorland plateaus, notably Kinder Scout in the north, are sure to leave you in complete awe.

With its marvelous outdoor views and activities, the Peak District is surely a destination you would not want to miss.

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 Help us look after the places toy and your dog enjoy by following these simple rules.

  • Keep them close: Using a short lead help to keep you dog from disturbing ground-nesting birds and farm animals. it is essential to use a short lead around sheep, but if cattle approach you, its best to let your dog go and call them back later when its safe to do so.
  • Pick up the poo: please always clear up after your dog, if you cannot find a bin nearby take the poo bags home with you. dog poo can be extremely harmful to wildlife and farm animals and can be a cause of miscarriages in cattle. 
  • Watch for signs: Keep an eye on local signs and notices wherever your walking. they’ll tell you if an area has a dog ban or if the path has been diverted or even if your in an area where dogs can be let off lead.
  • Stay on the ball: remember no everyone loves dogs and some fear them. and some dogs aren’t friendly, so make sure your dog doesn’t run uptown other people, children and dogs.



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