Grasmere- Rydal Loop


3-5 Hours

6.3 Miles

108 Metres


Tweedies Bar & Lodge, Grasmere, Cumbria, LA22 9SW

Oakhill Veterinary Group - 1 Church St, Ambleside LA22 0BU, 015394 32631


This walk has different types of ground such as rocks, roads, gravel tracks, sand, and muddy areas. It's important to wear good walking boots that support your ankles.


This walk is near farms and roads. It's always safer to keep your dog on a leash all the time.
Be sure to bring enough water for yourself and your dog and keep a close eye on temperature forecasts before going on a walk.

Other considerations

Potential dangers are present in streams and lakes for dogs. Water quality of some lakes have been compromised due to algae and sewage. To ensure your pet's safety, don't let them drink from these bodies of water. With preparation and caution, you both can enjoy a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Breath-taking hike with superb views of Rydal water.

Embark on a majestic hike that offers some of the most stunning views of Rydal Water that will leave you breathless with wonder. 

Not only are the unparalleled vistas beyond compare, but the hike itself is a moderate adventure that will take you through the charming town of Grasmere. The town will offer the perfect opportunity to take a much-needed break and perhaps indulge in some refreshments before continuing on your journey. 

As you venture forth, you will also have the incredible opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring Rydal Cave, an impressive landmark that is a must-see. Don’t let the chance of a lifetime slip by; be sure to fully charge your camera batteries, as every step of this hike is sure to provide you with countless photo opportunities.

Starting point  – Head along the A591, you want to set your destination as either Rydal mount and Rydal Hall.

Parking: Get there early to find on free parking alternatively you can pay to use Rydal hall parking. This can also get full as the day goes on. additional paid parking is available here, here and here

The lake district provides a great bus services also, see view time tables click here.

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If your a garmin user and have a watch that is compatible you can download the route directly from gaming.connect to your watch.

Click here to follow it on a Garmin device.

From the starting point head up the hill away from the A591.

As you walk up you’ll pass a turning area on the right and Rydal mount & gardens on the left.

quickly followed by a fork in the road, take thew left turn

On the corner you’ll see a wooden sign “coffin Route” follow that direction.

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As you embark you’ll be greeted with some stunning views of Rydal water. There’s a few benches that line the path so take a few moments to really take in this moment. As you walk along this track you always want to keep the view on your left.

After about 1.3 miles the hiking path turns into a road. It’s mainly used for access so is quite but take care when walking along their is no foot path. 

You are now heading for the idyllic and charming village of Grasmere

Heading towards grasmere, you’ll be rejoining and crossing the A591, As you walk towards it you’ll pass a cafe and museum on the right. 

Cross over the the A591 and take your first turn on the mini roundabout.

Grasmere is a lovely little vibrant village, use this time to have a toilet break, drink and recharge before continuing on your way. 

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You come to a bridge that crosses the river rothay followed by st Oswaldo church. Take the next left (red bank), sign posted Grasmere trail.

As you follow this road stick to the left hand side as you’ll pass a few forks in the road. You always want to follow it to the left.


At 3.2miles you’ll come up to a left turn overlooking Grasmere Waters.

Go though the gate and follow it down to the waters edge. 

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The views here are come of the best the uk has to offer. They really do take your breath away. 

The path meanders along the water edge for about a mile. Eventually breaking away from the lake heading up a few steps to follow the River Rothay. 

Make your way with the river on your left for a short distance. 

Do not cross the bridge but head towards the caves. Opposite the bright there is some cobbles steps.

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Follow this toward the caves you’ll find another fork. Take the right hand side away from the wall. If you take the wrong turn you’ll bypass the caves and end up walking alongside Rydal Waters. 

From the fork you have about half a mile to go  until you’ll reach the caves. 

When you get to a large clearing area the cave is on your right. 

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Rydal cave is an impressive sight, hidden away in the landscape.  

when your ready its time to head home.

From the cave you want to head straight down the decline, through the gate, passing the carpark on your right. Head over the small bridge and take the left and left again. You’re now back on the A591. Cross the road and take the right turn. You’re now where you started.

I hope you found it as enjoyable and impressive as I did. 

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